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2/3 through first rough edit of Book02

I hope to have the first rough edit of Book02 (The Darker Side of Life) ready by end of 2011, after which I’ll be going on to Book03 (The Arcane Side of Life). I’ll texturize/edit both books back-to-back (and probably release them around the same time too).

I’d like for certain future projects to take on a more mainstream appeal (my early work was mostly for discerning readers). I am now slowly getting better at balancing both idealism and realism (I was more “swingy” during early 20s). Maybe I enjoy the challenge(s) because everyone in my immediate family is entrepreneurial (all in the genes…).

It has taken me several years to realize that the type of romance I write is not emotional porn (just as the type of erotic fiction I write is not sexual porn). I continue to learn something new everyday. I think this awareness will help me with how I present/package some of my future projects (especially those which contain romantic and/or erotic elements).

I intend to focus on output (with commercial/mainstream projects) over 2012. I have several projects planned. I still intend to stay true to my brand of “meaningful entertainment.”

There’s a lot of stuff out there that promotes and celebrates shallow values, which is something I’ll always fight against.

It’s not just about/for myself, but for society as well (for the astrologically-inclined, I have Neptune and Uranus in the Ninth House). I appreciate the people who appreciate what I do. I’ll continue to improve myself so that I may use my time/skills/energy wisely and make some sort of useful contribution to society eventually.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m doing alternative or commercial work (or collaborating with others on a joint project). I need to stay true to the part of me that champions higher ideals and moral beauty :)


Real Love Versus Romance


P.S. I recently compiled a 4500-word mini collection of (informal) essays on commercialism’s de-spiritualizing effects on society.

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