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Update: Book03 Outline


— Part of notes/outline for Book03: The Arcane Side of Life

I’ve slowed down with work (for the moment) as I’m working on improving my eyesight naturally (I have more info on that on this eyesight blog of mine).

I’m currently able to work at the computer without glasses for short amounts of time. The text is a little blurry but it’s more relaxing for my eyes than having glasses on. I try not to wear them now except when absolutely necessary only (such as when driving or travelling).

I’m editing Book02 of the Cyberpunk Elven Trilogy — the second half is a terrible mess so I’ll be tweaking some things (and removing 1-2 new characters who aren’t really doing anything, or contributing much to the plot). I cleared a range of projects earlier in 2012, so progress on this trilogy has been not as quickly as I initially intended. But I will do my best to tie up any loose ends etc. :)

I intend to start writing Book03 today or tomorrow (I’ve expanded a bit of the outline — I like to have several points per chapter outline, for certain projects). I’ll be busy in October-November (will be participating in Singapore Writers Festival). I’ll do as much as I can for Book03 now, then see how much of the final product I can do over December 2012 (where I’ll finalise both Book02 and Book03 of the trilogy).


Skins featuring Laer


I wrote and compiled a “mini collection” over the weekend (short stories for animal lovers). I was motivated/inspired by the (horrors of the) exotic skins trade.

“Laer” [the dark elf from the upcoming The Darker Side of Life (Book02 in Cyberpunk Elven Trilogy)] features in the last story of Skins. It covers an incident that occurred in his younger days ;)…

* Free Download (as of 25 oct 2011): Smashwords, FeedBooks, Goodreads

* Free Download (PDF): PDF Download

* More Info: Skins @ jessINK

TOSoL, Pre-Final Version

NOTE: Because this project is taking *such* a long time to complete, I’m releasing it as a pre-final draft first (available in segments, or in one edition). The final version will be the fully-tweaked version. It’s “okay” at the moment…I just would like to spend more time “prettifying” some parts.

Book 1 (Pre-Final Edition) is available in one edition for $2.99.

* I will still send early reviewers a copy of the FINAL PDF (points to right sidebar —>), once it’s ready. Chapters 4 onward of the Pre-Final Edition contain my “scrawled notes” alongside the original text, lol.

* I’m intending to launch the first book around Feb 2011. If you’ve bought the pre-final version (or a part of) before Feb 2011, email me a receipt of the purchase and I’ll send you a copy of the FINAL version once it’s finally out. Thanks for your interest/support!

cyberpunk elf

Description: A thieving duo’s world turns upside down when an Elven rogue uncovers the heinous dealings of a megacorporation (The Other Side of Life, Book 1).

Review: “Dear Jess: You are a very good writer — I like your plotting, your concept, the characters…pretty much everything. You are very gifted.” — Dr. Uwe Stender, 2010

Dedication (in book): For everyone who likes blending & mixing. And thank you to friends, customers, reviewers, bloggers, etc, for checking out my non-conformist works + non-conformist ways.

* First copy sold (on Amazon) in less than 1 hour since available for purchase (zero media mentions) — Dec 9, 2010

Excerpt (Pre-Final Version, Book 1, Part 1):


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* Do NOT read “Part 5” if you don’t like *SPOILERS*! :)

Available @ $0.99 (Book 1, Part 5):

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