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Update: Book03 Outline


— Part of notes/outline for Book03: The Arcane Side of Life

I’ve slowed down with work (for the moment) as I’m working on improving my eyesight naturally (I have more info on that on this eyesight blog of mine).

I’m currently able to work at the computer without glasses for short amounts of time. The text is a little blurry but it’s more relaxing for my eyes than having glasses on. I try not to wear them now except when absolutely necessary only (such as when driving or travelling).

I’m editing Book02 of the Cyberpunk Elven Trilogy — the second half is a terrible mess so I’ll be tweaking some things (and removing 1-2 new characters who aren’t really doing anything, or contributing much to the plot). I cleared a range of projects earlier in 2012, so progress on this trilogy has been not as quickly as I initially intended. But I will do my best to tie up any loose ends etc. :)

I intend to start writing Book03 today or tomorrow (I’ve expanded a bit of the outline — I like to have several points per chapter outline, for certain projects). I’ll be busy in October-November (will be participating in Singapore Writers Festival). I’ll do as much as I can for Book03 now, then see how much of the final product I can do over December 2012 (where I’ll finalise both Book02 and Book03 of the trilogy).