2/3 through first draft of Book02

I’ve added the summary and synopsis for The Darker Side of Life (Book02) on the about page.

I’ll probably get straight to the first draft of Book03 once the current draft for Book02 is done (since the “momentum” is in full swing at the moment — might as well make the most of it).

I’ll still need to spend some time refining the drafts.

I had three separate rounds of “enhancements” for the first draft of Book01 — one round for the cyberpunk elements, one round for the romantic elements, and one round for the fantasy elements (plus a couple of rounds of edits after that). I suppose it’ll be the same sequence for Book02 and Book03 (both of which I’m aiming to complete in early 2012).

A non-cliched love triangle has been established in Book02. I’ll take extra care to keep it non-cliched, but still intense.

P.S. Here’s my (quite) recently set up Facebook page — I usually cross-post from Twitter/elsewhere (saves time)…


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