Character Interview, Ithilnin (Nin)

An interview with Ithilnin of The Other Side of Life. Nin discusses his role as the protagonist in Jess C Scott’s novel and his relationship with the author.

* Thanks to Celia for originally posted this at her blog/website (now known as Celia Can Read)!

cyberpunk elves


Celia: How did you first meet your writer?

Nin: She wrote the two words “cyberpunk” and “elves” together, during a brainstorming session. I somehow came into existence, somewhere along the way. I was her first “cyberpunk elf” creation.

Celia: Did you ever think that your life would end up being in a book?

Nin: I can’t say it didn’t cross my mind—I’ve known of Jess’s interest in writing what she likes to call “factual fiction.”

Celia: What are your favorite scenes in your book: action, dialog, romance?

Nin: Pretty much any scene where I get to strut my stuff.

Celia: Did you have a hard time convincing your author to write any particular scenes for you?

Nin: I voiced my concerns about some sections of the first draft being really clichéd. I’m thankful I was heard. Since Jess identifies as a non-conformist, it was my duty to ensure she went for something original/authentic > formulaic.

Celia: Do you infiltrate your writer’s dreams?

Nin: She’s dreamt of me on a white bed in a castle in the sky, with tall red candles lining the hallway. I was apparently lying on the bed, shirtless. I was never informed if there was a continuation to that first dream…

Celia: What do you like to do when you are not being actively read somewhere?

Nin: I’m either playing with gadgets, and/or explaining to people what ‘cyberpunk’ means (

Celia: Are you currently engaged in a relationship?

Nin: Yes, though as life would have it, my love story was kinda cut short before it developed into something deeper. I await my fate in Books 2 and 3.

Celia: Are you happy with the genre your writer has placed you in?

Nin: I guess so, because I get the best of both worlds [ethereal fantasy elements + rebelliousness of cyberpunk = edgy chic (if I had to use a fashion term…)].

Celia: If you could rewrite anything in your book, what would it be?

Nin: I’d add in bios about myself and the other protagonists, alongside the “author bio.”

Celia: Do you like the way the book ended?

Nin: Not exactly (considering what I have to go through in Book 1). Ah, but while Book 1 has ended, the full story/trilogy hasn’t!

Celia: Would you be interested in a sequel if your writer was so inclined?

Nin: She’s working on the outline of Book 2. She says the outline is really weak and choppy at the moment (which was the same case with the initial stages of Book 1). In the meantime she’s working on a couple of anthologies, and a dragon-themed novella. I asked to be in the latter, and she said okay. I’d be happy to make a cameo appearance.

Celia: Do you believe that you are suitably portrayed in electronic books or would you rather be in paperback only?

Nin: I live in the future, but I’m pretty old-school in several ways. Still, I like being presented in both formats. I like doubling up.

Celia: Did you have any input into the book cover design?

Nin: Yes, I requested to be featured on the book cover [since Jess happened to draw a sketch sometime in 2010, which looked exactly like me (right down to the hairstyle)]. “That’s me,” I said of the sketch. “Oh yeah!” she replied, and slightly tweaked the initial sketch on Photoshop, before selecting a suitable font for the title on the cover.

Celia: What is the lamest characteristic your writer has attributed to you?

Nin: She makes me have a pair of prosthetic ears on standby, in order to “blend in” with humans better. I hate wearing those things.

Celia: If you could give yourself a superpower, what would you choose?

Nin: I’d be a mad scientist (that combines art and science).


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