Update on Book02 (The Darker Side of Life)

Now that I’ve finally gotten Primal Scream out of the way (my huge second erotic-and-non-pornographic anthology!), I’ll be seeing to an incubus/succubus-themed anthology. As I wrote in the linked blog post (on my main blog), I’m aiming to finish that one before Winter 2011, because I want to reserve the cold months to complete the Cyberpunk Elven Trilogy.

There’s just something about winter/snow and elves (and dark elves) that make for a very nice combination.

I’ve been gathering notes/ideas for Book02 — I intend to amp up the dystopian/cyberpunk elements. Below is a little bit of info on “what I (vaguely/roughly) have in mind”:


  • THE DARKER SIDE OF LIFE (Book #2) — Sometime in 2012

Book #2 in the Cyberpunk Elven Trilogy.

LOGLINE / SUMMARY (tentative): A hybrid elf child combats a dark elf’s scheme to exploit and turn a virtual reality system into a weapon of mass destruction.

NOTES: This book will probably feature a British dark elf (the leader), dark elf hybrids, and elements of a sociopolitical nature. I’ll probably attempt a non-cliched but still intense ‘love triangle’ [involving Nin and Anya (High Elven leader, and female human protagonist from Book #1)]. I might bring in some cybernetics/bioware/DNA in Book02.

* UPDATE (17 Oct 2011): Synopsis available on about page.


COVER ART: I have a cover in mind (something mainstream/edgy, black ink on yellow background, semi-mangaesque feel again)…I’ll do the cover art once the textual content is complete :)

UPDATE (13 Sept 2011): First tentative try-out cover (yep, now to actually get to the interior/textual content!) —



I often wish for 3-5 clones of myself (so that I can complete various different projects faster). I think cloning might feature quite prominently in Book03…

P.S. Also, it took me about 2 years to come up with an official mission statement, which is as follows:

“jessINK is dedicated to publishing original stories that are both meaningful and entertaining. We focus on style and substance over short-term success with current fads and marketing hype.”


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